Monday, April 1, 2013

How To Write A Hardship Letter To Your Mortgage Company

How do i write a hardship letter to my mortgage company?
my wife was handling our finances and didn't pay the mortgage and i need to write a hardship letter. the only hardship i have is catching up on the payments. How do i tell the bank.
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Dear Sir/Madam,

please extend the payment date on my mortgage,as due to my wife's forgetfulness,I have fallen behind on the payments.I assure you that this is only a temporary hiatus in my regular payments.

I have been a loyal customer with your establishment for ... years,and even though there may have been times when I really needed extra money,I have never considered holding up your will also know that I have never been rude to one of your tellers or dropped a payment slip on the floor.

I'm a good guy,I'm just asking for a break here.I'd really appreciate your help in this matter.By the way,do you know that yours is the ONLY establishment I reccommend to my many friends,neighbours and family?

yours sincerely,


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how to write a hardship letter to your mortgage company

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