Monday, April 1, 2013

How To Tell If Your Wife Is Cheating At Work

Should I tell my wife about my girlfriend since the world is gonna end?
I'm 25 years old and been married for almost 3 years. I've also been dating this girl from my job for about 6 months. She knows I am married and doesn't care. I know the world is gonna end next month and I don't know if I should tell my wife I have been cheating on her or not. I care about my wife and think she deserves to know the truth before she dies. But I also want her to die happy and wonder if I tell her that it will upset her. I want to do the right thing but I just don't know what that is. Is it better to tell my wife or not?
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If you're continuing to see your other woman, then I would suggest not telling your wife about it.

I would, however suggest, that if your wife does find out, the world WILL end, only it'll end for YOU not the rest of us.

Finally, if you really care about your wife, just let her go so she can go out and get some bona fide strange on the side too. This way at the very least you're being fair to her. | This Program Has Helped Over | 100000 People Catch The Cheater Are you sick and tired of your spouse suspicious behavior ...

how to tell if your wife is cheating at work

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