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How To Get Rid Of Field Mice In The House

The safest way to get rid of field mice in my house with dogs in it?
I don't want my dogs to get hurt.

They are building and tearing down fields and there are mice in my can i get rid of them without hurting my dogs?
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Poison (on top of being a painful way to die) is NOTa good way to go...Say you have a mouse (or several) that eats it and then runs inside your walls and dies a minute or two later (it's not instant)...then you have a very nasty smell that you have to find and remove from inside your walls, under floorboards, etc...

The other danger is that a poisoned mouse (or other small animal that finds the poison) can die and your dog or cat can find and eat that mouse...then your dog or cat is equally poisoned. Generally, if you have pets (or children!!), you don't want to use poison...the risk is just too great. Do NOT use poison if you have pets and/or children!

Glue Traps are the least humane of all...causing poor little mice to chew off their legs, pull out their fur and skin, struggle for hours or days eventually dying of starvation, dehydration, injury, etc... Please do not use glue traps!

If you have pets, gluetraps are also a risk...your dog or cat may try to eat (or play with) the mouse off of the trap and ingest the glue or get it stuck to his/her own fur, face, paws, etc... some traps also have poison in the glue, so that's another risk to pets (and children!!)

The snap-traps are the best way to go if you must kill them... generally, most of the time, the mouse is killed instantly and can be disposed of cleanly...a win-win. The best way I've heard of is to put the trap in a paperbag (we use an empty trash-bag box, too). Then, you don't have to touch anything, and it keeps the area around the bag clean, just pick up the bag and throw the whole thing away. (please put him out of his misery first if it didn't kill him all the way...just because you don't have to see it, doesn't make his suffering any less)

Humane traps are also available for catch-and-release...just don't release them anywhere near the house! A nature reserve is a good place to re-home your unwanted tenants. Humane traps can quickly turn into INhumane traps if a mouse is trapped and forgotten about, so remember to check traps frequently! We use these too...we have old jars that we put the mice in from the traps, then we drive to the nature reserve (nearby) to let them go there from the jars. Be sure to use gloves and a mask when handling traps, mice, or anything mice leave don't want to catch the Huntavirus...or any other host of diseases they carry!

Put traps against walls they travel along...mice don't actually see very well and rely on their sense of touch to travel along walls, which is why you will rarely see them in the middle of a room. Put traps in areas where the dogs can't get cupboards (where the mice are living/travelling) and on counters.

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how to get rid of field mice in the house

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