Sunday, January 13, 2013

How To Make A Plant Cell Model Out Of Styrofoam

What should I use as a large vacuole for a 3-D plant cell?
I am making a 3-D plant cell model that is due tomorrow. I have everything Made, but I'm still stuck on what to do for the large central vacuole. My model is Styrofoam, and I have some clay organelles. I used up all my clay, and cannot use any food that will go bad because it will be at school for at least a month, and the teacher might even keep it as a reference for the students next year. Thank -you.
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You could paper mâché and then stick it on and paint it ect. I did this exact same project! If that's not good you could do a 3D bit of card. Good luck. Could you please help me answer my question if you can? Thanks and good luck! :)

A student's plant cell 3d model project & other shenanigans. Materials: base (green kid's paint tray - Michael's), cell wall ...

how to make a plant cell model out of styrofoam

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