Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How To Make A Fake High School Diploma For Free

Sites saying i can get my High School Diploma is 60 minutes or less, are they legit?
Like this site: all i have to do is take a free test and if i get a 70% or higher i pass, but i have to pay $250 to get my Diploma is this really true? I have also seen others that said it would take 2-6 weeks to earn my diploma but have to pay $250-300 to get my Diploma. Which is true?
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Unless the high school is regionally accredited - not just fake accredited or nationally accredited, but quite specifically regionally accredited - their high school diplomas are not considered real. So while there are some regionally accredited online high schools - Laurel Springs, Keystone, Florida Virtual Academy, etc. - none of them will give you a diploma after only two weeks, or after only taking a test. They're real high schools, so they require classes and credits.

The Dalloway School is a scam. They are accredited by a fake accreditation agency that they themselves formed.

In addition, just so you know, you cannot take the GED exam online. It is given in person only.

How To Create A Fake Diploma For Yourself..........

how to make a fake high school diploma for free

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