Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How To Get Rid Of A Cough And Runny Nose

Whats the best non prescription cough & cold medication you have used?
I kinda hate going back to school because I have a really low immune system and I get sick easily. I have gotten on many embaressing 'coughing spress" ware I cant stop coughing. Whats the best medication or home remedies you have used to get rid of a itchy throat, cough, runny nose THE WHOLE COLD in a reasonable amount of time.
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Robitussin DM (not the store brand kind) is good for a runny nose. But other than that, Alieve Cold & Sinus. And if you have like a stuffy nose, those Vicks Inhalers work well, too. To build up your immune system you should try taking vitamins. I think Vitamin C would be good for immune systems. Just go to CVS or another pharmacy and ask for a non-prescription vitamins.

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how to get rid of a cough and runny nose

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