Monday, January 7, 2013

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs On Your Own

How do you get rid of bed bugs without spending a lot of money?
I'm currently not working and can not afford much of anything.. Therefore, I can not afford an exterminator or even plastic bed covers.

What I have bought is hot shot bed bug and flea aerosol spray.

My concern is using it on my mattress.

I do not own and can not afford a steam cleaner.

Is it safe to spray hot shot on your mattresses and just let it dry and vacuum?

Is it safe to spray on clothes in your home? (not the clothes you're wearing, but the ones in your closet, drawers, ect.)
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Bur Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade. Its a powder used on farms that will kill all parasites in any animal. You could put it directly on your pillow and Mattress and then sleep on it. Also its 100% safe around animals and children. Its so safe you can actually put it in your dogs food to worm him.Its alal natural and organic, and it can be found for cheap on eBay or even Lowe's. I think Lowe's has a 4 pound bag for like 9 dollars. My husband and i are going through the same thing, just found out we had bed bugs just 4 days ago...Hang in there. for more information, tips, and reviews. How to get rid of bed bugs | What really works?

how to get rid of bed bugs on your own

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