Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets In The Ground

Environmentally sound way of getting rid of miner bees, digger bees, ground bees?
Alright, I've done my research. These bees are not yellow jackets, and they do not sting (even after mowing over them). I have never seen anything like it. They burrow into the ground, leaving behind a hole and a mound of dirt, kind of like an ant hill. The hole is about 1/4 inch diameter. There are literally hundreds of these holes and double the amount of bees swarming right in front of my house. People are afraid to approach the house (not a bad thing necessarily). We've dealt with this cycle for 3 years now and the numbers get bigger and bigger. My question is, how do I get rid of these things, without spraying insecticide, and or how would I contact someone who wants these things. Apparently they are very efficient pollinators. I live near a river (that dumps into the cheapeake bay) and have a baby, so I don't want to throw poison everywhere.
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I would kill one of the little buggers and bring it to a local outdoor/gardening store to adequately define what type of bee it is.

A safe - nonpoisonous solution may be avaiable and they will drive you to it. There are natural "dust" products that cling to the bees and they carry them within their colony to kill them through various methods, like steralization. Boric acid dust is a nontoxic solution, as an example.

I am pretty familiar with bees/wasps and have only seen the bumble bee or an odd wasp (sand wasps) in the manner you are speaking - though they sting.

These Yellow Jacket Wasps are disturbed by pounding on a rock close to their underground nest almost two minutes into this video, They stay ...

how to get rid of yellow jackets in the ground

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