Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How Do I Program My Comcast Remote To My Tv

How to program my Comcast remote to my Sylvania tv?
So i got a new tv and i have comcast. how do i make the comcast remote the remote to turn it on and off, change channels and adjust the volume. i do not have the Code. Can you please help? i really need this to work. Thanks.
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Try symphonic or funai codes. If that does not work, you can learn with the Comcast remote, if it is a newer one.

To learn:

Set the remotes on a table, aiming them end to end, so their IR LEDs see each other.

Press and hold Setup until the indicator double blinks. Enter the code "975" (not 0975).

Press the device button (TV in your case)

Press the button on the Comcast remote to be programmed (indicator will blink really fast, or stay lit).

Press button on the original TV remote to be learned.

Repeat the above two steps for additional buttons.

Press and hold Setup (for a double blink) when you are done. Take the batteries out if the orignal remote, and put it away someplace safe.

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how do i program my comcast remote to my tv

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